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Colorful Book Spines


Over the years I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing students, clients, and colleagues. Here's what just a few of them had to say.


JR, AP Language & Composition

"In my time with her, Ms. Harper has proved to not only be one of the most effective teachers I've ever had, but one of the most caring and honest people I have ever met. Ms. Harper is a fantastic mentor, both in the classroom and otherwise. Always willing to help in any way she can, I have never learned (or laughed, for that matter) as much from any educator in my entire life, both on the subject of English, and, at the risk of sounding cliché, on the subject of life. Finding a great teacher worth trusting and listening to is one of the most difficult things a student can do, and in Ms. Harper we all have exactly that. She's one of the only teachers I've ever had that treats her students as intelligent, thoughtful people. Ms. Harper always takes the time to get to know every student in order to be a better teacher for each individual, and for the class as a whole. She's not only taught us to be better writers, but also better people. We understand ourselves and the world a little bit better because of her, and I know this year wouldn't have been nearly as good without her guidance to help me, and other students, along the way."

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