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  • I think I might want a block of sessions but I'm not sure?
    If you think you will use a block of sessions, purchase it. Your hours don't expire. While each tutoring session must be at least 1 hour in length, you can use your additional hours whenever and however you'd like. You can do 1 hour every month, 2 hours every week, or schedule a long, multi-hour session. It's really all about what you need, and how you learn best.
  • I'm on a fixed income, and your sessions are too expensive. Can you help?"
    Yes! Please contact us and let us know the details of your situation. We work with families in need, and we are always eager to ensure that all clients get the support that they need.
  • We have now had 5 sessions together. Do I qualify for a lower hourly rate?
    In order to automatically qualify for a lower rate, you must purchase a block of sessions prior to use. So if you know that we will work together 5 hours over the next few months, purchasing 5 sessions up front is the best economic decision for you. Remember: if your financial situation has changed, please let us know. We are happy to work with you.
  • I need help in a subject area that you didn't mention. What should I do?
    Please contact us and let us know your situation. We are able to tutor a number of subjects that are not explicitly listed, and if we can't, we have many colleagues who could offer assistance. We are happy to provide referrals!
  • I don't live in Virginia. Can you still tutor me?
    Absolutely. AMH Educational Services offers virtual sessions, and currently has out-of-state clients.
  • My child recently received an IEP through his public school. Can you help me understand it?
    AMH Educational Services offers parental support in a number of areas. We have experience writing IEPs and can certainly help you better understand them, and include information that will help you advcocate for your student.
  • My student is 16 but cannot read. Can you help?
    Absolutely. AMH Educational Services has experience working with students who have many different types of learning disabilities. We specialize in finding content that is age-appropriate and engaging, yet written at a level that allows your child easy-access.

All you need to know before you schedule a lesson

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