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I've been in education for 15 years. During my career I have taught everything from college philosophy to high school English, from introductory French to second grade math. I specialize in working with students at both ends of the bell curve: those unique minds that thrive when information is presented in creative and unusual ways. I'm passionate about the joy of discovery, and I strive to foster that excitement in my students. 

In 2006 I discovered my love of teaching while pursuing a graduate degree in philosophy at Rutgers University. My favorite course to teach was Introduction to Philosophy. Then I had a fortuitous offer: I could teach a logic class to gifted students at a high school in New Jersey. I walked into that classroom and knew that I had found my calling. Two years later I was a NYC Teaching Fellow, teaching AP and self-contained English, and running a philosophy club at the High School of Art & Design in Manhattan.


In 2016 I moved home to Richmond, Virginia. For a few years I gained experience as a case manager and administrator at a private school for students with special needs. I advocated for my students, wrote individualized education plans, and worked on curriculum teams. But I missed the classroom, and in 2018 I joined their lower school. I am currently teaching English, science, and art to K-5 students with special needs. We have a bearded dragon as a class pet, and we like to grow Venus flytraps.


In my free time I race mountain bikes, play the piano, and hang out with the coolest six-year-old on the planet. 

Do you have a student with a nonverbal learning disability who struggles to read? Do you need help passing the AP Language test or writing a college essay? Are you a teacher who would like help reimagining your classroom, or a parent who needs help advocating for your student?


If you are looking for a unique and experienced educator then AMH Educational Services is the right choice for you. 

Education & Credentials

2016 - Present

2011 - 2013

2006 - 2011

2000 - 2006

Summer 2005


Postgraduate Professional License, English

Postgraduate Professional License, Special Education K-12

Virginia Department of Education

Long Island University, NYC Teaching Fellows

M.Ed. in Teaching Urban Children with Disabilities

English 7-12, GPA: 4.0

Rutgers University

M.A. in Philosophy, GPA: 4.0

Virginia Commonwealth Univeristy

B.A. in Philosophy, University Honors, GPA: 4.0

Institut d'Études Français, La Rochelle, France

VCU Study Abroad Program, French, GPA: 4.0

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